Chiropractic has become a proven & effective form of treatment for the neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions. It can also manage and maintain your well-being. 

As a chiropractor of 27 years of continued experience, I have treated THOUSANDS of people from all walks of life. At the top end of human performance, it can make difference to sports people who need that bit extra.

Chiropractic can assess, diagnose & treat most of your moving parts! Not just individual joints and muscles, but also as a whole unit.

There are many causes of stress to our bodies, and whilst we can cope short-term, it can lead to aches & pains that can produce headaches, nerve conditions and poor function, and affect our moods.

Working long hours, postural stress, busy family life, driving in traffic, lack of sleep, little exercise, poor diet are the main causes.

Chiropractic treatment can get rid of the build-up of stress and improve your muscle & joint function, reducing nerve stress, and allowing you to function more efficiently. And feel happier!

Chiropractic for the workforce

has demonstrated its effectiveness at many levels

A food manufacturer in the UK, stated a year of chiropractic healthcare increased their profitability into six figures. Sick days were reduced & production increased.

A corporate bank also noted the positive effects of keeping back pain to a minimum. Productivity again increased, employees felt healthier & boosted their morale.

Chiropractors are like technical engineers fine-tuning a race car. Getting rid of restrictions improves speed, strength, coordination & efficiency.

With my additional Chiropractic Sports Science qualification, I have worked with many international sports team and events. For more information, please check out my Professional Portfolio page.


That extra few percent makes a massive difference

I worked in FORMULA 1 for a total of 7 years (Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Toro Rosso and assisting Lotus, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes). Drivers occasionally suffered car-related and physical training injuries, and chiropractic was of primary importance for these World Class drivers. Winning 4 double World Championship titles with Red Bull Racing, and helping the pit crew produce the FASTEST pit stop times ever recorded, proved that marginal gains can produce champions.

The Race of Champions is an annual event I cover, looking after drivers from Indianapolis 500, DTM, BTCC, WRC, F1, Aussie V8 Supercars, and riders from MotoGP and World Superbikes. Again, it is a fun event but behind the scenes, they are still serious about competing against each other, and keeping themselves in top-tune.

I now bring my skills to Dubai for a new dynamic and future. Working with BIN DRAI POLO and helping them win the Dubai Challenge Cup 2017, was a proud moment for me in this elite equestrian sport.